CALL US at 613-693-0613 BEFORE BOOKING to clarify diagnostic visit price IF YOUR ADDRESS IS OUTSIDE OF KINGSTON.

The Diagnostic Visit is short visit to do external visual inspection without an appliance disassembling during 10-20 min or so and to tell a client for what possible reasons there are problems in the operation of their appliances. Diagnostic Visit Fee is non-refundable payment (covers our expenses for working time and gasoline, amortization of cars and tools that are used, warehouse work to find right parts for your appliance repair).

If the property owner is absent during the work on the property, the owner of the property must make payment before the scheduled time of arrival of our technician at this address.

If the appliance problem did not appear during the diagnostic visit, but the client wishes to invite a technician again for the same or another problem, the client must pay for a the visit according to the company’s price list (definitely not free of charge).

Our company reserves the right to decide whether it will continue to work with each client after conducting a diagnostic visit or not, without giving any reasons (in some cases depends on the communication and adequacy of a particular client).